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C o n c e r t s    2023

January, 10  

Masterclasses in the Conservatory of Boulogne 

February, 25

Récital with Aida Garifulina, Palais des Beaux Arts, Bruxelles, CANCELLED

April, 15
Recital piano 4 hands with Frédéric Lagarde in Festival « Les Harm
onies » Billiers, France

April 16-19 

Masterclasses in Warsaw Academy of Opera, Poland 

April 20-22

Masterclasse the Conservatory of Parma, Italy

April, 27 

Recital with Christianne Stotijn in Château-Renault, France 

May, 8-9 

Masterclasses in Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi, Milano, Italy

May, 15 

Masterclasses in Conservatory of Antwerpen, Belgium

June, 5

Recital with Elina Garanca, in Klagenfurt, Austria CANCELLED

July, 1

Recital with Aida Garifulina in Évian, France

July 3-4,

Video recording in San Sebastian, Spain

July 10-14 

Masterclasses in Santiago de Compostela, Spain CANCELLED 

July 20 - 25

Masterclasses and concerts in Pristina, Kossovo CANCELLED 

July, 26 -31

Masterclasses in Warsaw Academy of Opera, Poland 

Aug, 5

Récital with Serena Saenz and Xabier Anduaga in Peralada, Spain

Aug, 6

Recital with Henri Demarquette in Santa Reparata, Corsica

Aug. 31 - sept. 5

Masterclasses in Warsaw Academy of Opera, Poland 

September, 9

Concert With Jennifer Larmore and Paul Gay, in Chateau de Carles, France

October, 7

Récital with Carmen Buendia in Menerbes, France

November, 12

Recital with Wilfried van den Brande in Antwerpen, Belgium

November, 23

Recital with Graziella Valceva Fierro in Lausanne, Switzerland

November, 29

Private Gala Recital with Renée Fleming in Paris

December 1-2

Jury in the International Santiago de Compostela Singing Compétition, Spain 

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